Hungry for reading.

Hobby No. 3.1 (Reading Novel Books, Dictionary, References, etc.)

(Books of John Green)

Well, the first authored book of John Green that I read is the Fault In Our Stars and it made me really cry like a river. I mean, c’mon! Who wouldn’t cry, right? Augustus? Seriously lit. So when I found out that it will be in a movie adaptation, I was so shocked and wanting to watch it hurrily.

Second book that I read was Paper Towns. One of my favorites. Super lit. The travel for how many hours, well, it costs days of course. It’s a hit. Also the movie adaptation was beyond expectation. It’s super surprising.

Next on the list is An Abundance of Kath. Well, my book of that was lost. Technically, not returned. It was super frustrating because I’m still not finished reading the book. But that was two years ago. I regretted making people borrow my books. It’s super annoying.

Well, other than music and paintings, books can really make me calm. It’s a weird habit as some says it. That I am angry a minute or two but when I see a book or held a book, I am truly calming down. I don’t know too but I think I am devoted in reading. And I am loving it. It influence how I think more about reality and about my life. Quite helpful too.

(No questions as of now! Bye bye!)


Calligraphed Photo (Dream)

Hobby 1.2 Photography

To heave out a paradise is certain
The pain of another battle to choose from

Let them reign for a minute of time

But let yourself reign when the time comes

The calligraphed photo was done by I (myself) last Grade 11. I was bored that time, yet I also made a productive outcome. Nothing can compare to a simple way of letting yourself have a quick relief.


We are all dreamers. We are always dreaming. Dreaming of becoming what we wanted and what we always choose to be. Dreamers. Yes, dreamers. I wouldn’t be surprised if sooner or later we’ve reached our goals in life. Goals from the deepest depths of ambitions.

Setting off a list?

A list of words that can make you feel survived and the fact that you have o face it on your own. Liking it by your means or not, it’s still necessary.

Hand made calligraphed strips. I also made this last August 19, 2018. This was the most or many calligraphed words that I have done. Pure latin words like “faciam ut mei memineris”, “Actus me invito factus non est meus actus”, “Fortis est veritas”, “et luc in teneberis lucet”, “fortis cadere, cedere non potest”, and “veritas numguam perit”.

It states that “I will make you remember me”, “The act done by me against my will is not my act”, “truth is strong”, “And light shines in the darkness”, “The brave may fall, but can not yield”, and “truth never expires”.

Mostly into reading some Latin phrases and loving them one by one. It’s not that hard to say it yet it is also not hard to memorize such beautoful phrases.

See the clouds. Reach the heavens.

Hobby No. 2.2 (Writing poems, stories, prose, etc.)

Touching the heavens as what it is. The art of having hands and reaching the heavens.

As for the video(credits to the owner), I just uploaded this as an inspiration. The touch up of colors and the beauty of how this was created. The sign of having the creative abstract and how it was forming, deeply swaying, letting go with the flow.

As the cold breeze of an eternal sweep

Thus flash the creativity of a human

Colors and more and more

Will always be the expression of what lies between the lines of an art

The clouds are dancing as shown in the video, the plane is moving and doing it’s job to let the people be on their destination. The contrast of each color gives chills to my spine that’s why I could just imagine myself taking it.

Collection of stories

Hobby No. 3.1 (Reading Novel Books, References, Dictionaries, etc.)

Have you ever heard of having too many stories around you? The fact that it is also irritating?

(A photo from MCC library)

What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much, though.
J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

A good book is a good hope, right? It’s a big deal for book lovers when they can’t go and buy another season or just simply skipped a chapter. Knowledge is everything. Stories are everything. It gives chills, comfort, lessons, etc.

We can’t just disregard a book because you find it too cliché enough to be read. That’s not how it works.

Have you ever saw a person, holding a book while drinking coffee and just simply listening to music?

Well, I seen so many people in that state. But, I’m not into the books that they are reading. I’m into what lies inside their eyes.

The first person was drinking a simple frappe while holding a book, eating a piece of cake, and listening to music. She has this sparkles on her eyes that makes me wonder if she is truly enjoying the book that she’s reading.

The second person was just simply studying and simply having a review, but she is blank. Super blank. A blank eyes, no emotions shown.

The hosties of having no emotion and hype upon reading a book. It’s like a forbidden thing to do because everyone always rely on what’s new than what’s more useful and knowledgeable. I’m truly sorry for that.

Reading is like reading yourself. The author is GOD and you’re the reader and character. No one can resist the fortune and wisdom of HIM. The level of having faith and communicating much much more.

Question 1: How does it feel to read, read and read?

It’s cool. It feels refreshing.

Question 2: What does it feel to have books in your palm?

As I said, it’s refreshing. Always craving for what is being touched and seen by your heart.

My Moon and I.

Hobby No. 2.1 (Writing poems, prose, stories, etc.)

It brings peace in my soul

The light that doesn’t hurt

Shines on my sensitive skin

As it starts to be shy and

Hides in the clouds

Thus this moon of mine dances

With the stars up bright

Shining in the sky

While guiding me to sleep

I can only see you bright

At night of a peaceful life

Staring at how perfect you are

I wish I can be with you too

This poem was written while I was about to sleep. Technically speaking, the poems message is about how a person’s lonely life or clouded thoughts is being described. Also by how beautiful the moon and the heart of a person is.

I have too many poems inside a notebook. A tiny notebook that no one can touch. Only I can have the opportunity to know what is the content of that notebook.

Question 1: How does it feel to write a poem?

It’s hard actually. But as long as you have your subject and passion to it, you can survive and go smoothly.

Question 2: Why did you make two subjects in one poetry?

I don’t know. The night and darkness of how we interpret it is by having our soul wander around and the moon shines down as if saying “I’m here to guide you during the night.”

Question 3: Did you ever feel like giving up?


Focus. Focus. Focus.

Hobby No. 1.1 (Photography)

Focus is like giving right attention towards an object, event, or simply the things that are important.

This photo shows how the other things are not important. It just focuses on the flower and my hand, of course. It just shows that we or all of us should focus on what is written ahead and what is more importsnt that could seriously give essemce towards our future. Am I right?

The contrast of the colors can symbolize the temptations and distractions of the world towards our focused self.

Never let distraction be the cause of your destruction.

Let’s always move forward and give ocus on what we are intended to do but let’s not forget to have fun.

Question 1: When was this taken?

Can’t remember the exact date. But this was last last year and certainly December.

Question 2: What device did you use?

Cellphone. Samsung Galaxy.

Question 3: Is it hard to get a right focus on photos?

Maybe yes. Maybe no. It depends on how eager are you to let that photo be on focused.

A world of adventure

Hobby No. 3 (Reading Novel Books, References, Dictionaries, etc.)

As thick as a black ink yet as deep as the water goes through.

Reading makes you clear. Make your mind be exercised. Through reading you can see how much the author’s have poured their efforts every update or every book they have processed.

Appreaciate the content, now with the people who made it alive. Also thank the crew for staying for so long now.

Question 1: Why reading as a hobby?

To widen my english vocabulary. And more knowledge.

Question 2: Do you collect books?

Yes, I do.

Question 3: What genre do you prefer?

It depends. But most likely, Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller, Sci-Fi and a bit Romance.